There Are Only 3 Ways To Grow Sales Revenue

There is always a lot of talk about how to reach new customers and expand our customer reach. In my experience, 80% of revenue comes from our existing customer base while 20% comes from new customers. However, generally (sweeping statement) most marketers spend 80% of their budget and resources chasing the new customers that account for 20% of the revenue.

So how do we leverage our existing customer base?

Excellent dialogue that speaks to the individual personally. If you talk to your customer from the perspective of a “company” they will quickly turn off to your message. If you talk to your customer like a friend sharing something you start to develop good will.

This good will is the magic ingredient to developing longer term profitable relationships. I have seen far too much direct messages miss the point with thier direct messaging and ultimately leave the customer confused and “turned off” to your messages.

There are ways to avoid this that start with a deep understanding of what the customer really wants to achieve and how you are going to ultimately lead them to it.


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