The 5 Pillars Of A Millionaire Expert

Millionaire Expert Ross Kingsland

What Does It Take To Be A Millionaire Expert?

You are already an expert. You are already on a journey from where you are to where you want to be. Let’s quickly look at what has brought you to the position of expert already, these are the pillars from which you will develop your millionaire expert business, and it all starts with you.

1. Influence

You may already be an expert in your field, without influence your journey towards greater freedom and financial rewards will always be limited to your circle of influence. This means that if your influence only stretches to your immediate circle of friends and family your income will be extremely limited. Wider than that we may consider your influence stretches to your local city. Your income will only match the size of your catchment. Now if your influence is across the world, suddenly your message and income becomes greatly amplified.

Your income will match your circle of influence.

Fortunately with the digital age never has an opportunity for your expert positioning been more realistic.

Your influencing ability will be as powerful whether in conversation with a client one on one or to six thousand people in your conference. Each time you will connect on a deep level with people that will move them on their journey.

2. Passion

If you are not passionate about your subject matter do not demonstrate enthusiasm why would anyone be enthusiastic or passionate about you or what you have to say? Your expert subject should be your passion. Why would you want to devote your time and energy to become recognised as the “go-to” person, THE expert if you weren’t passionate about it?

Passionate leaders have passionate followers.

Would you buy something from someone who was bored about what they were selling? Very rarely.

3. Knowledge

Knowledge isn’t power, knowledge is potential power

Never underestimate your knowledge. Just because you know something doesn’t mean everyone knows the same information. It is your responsibility to be the expert on your subject. Our lives are limited in how much knowledge and information we can assimilate, understand and apply so we rely on experts to be our guides where our own knowledge is lacking.

However, knowledge will only get you so far. Unless acted upon knowledge remains academic, dormant but full of potential. It is only when knowledge is acted upon, when it is disseminated, when it is communicated does anything happen.

4. Psychology

Strategy is the road to success, psychology is your vehicle

Your psychology has often been overlooked as the key factor in the success of business success. In the Millionaire Expert space it is critical. A strong, healthy psychology will drive you to success, it is the defining factor in the longevity of your success, it is the biggest asset that you have at your disposal.

If your psychology is less than this, like cracks in a dam, the success of your business will start to drain away until the dam breaks, along with your business.

5. Marketing

Show me a successful expert and I’ll show you a successful marketer

Your income is directly proportional to your circle of influence. Growing that circle is marketing. Whether an internet viral hit through the TED talk series to quietly growing a market through nurture and respect, marketing is your ticket to joining the Millionaire Expert elite.

I trust that you will use these 5 Pillars to develop your own Millionaire Expert business.

Enjoy your journey



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