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How To Become A Millionaire Consultant And Expert

Ross Kingsland How To Become A Millionaire Expert

How To Become A Millionaire Consultant And Expert

The journey to becoming a Millionaire Consultant or Expert is achievable but not possible for everyone. One of the greatest assets in your investment is your learning.

Many people have a negative association with learning after some unfortunate schooling experiences. However, you and I know that this is the first step to stepping up from those in your peer group.

If you understand something you have learnt it. If you are doing something you know it. There is a very important difference between the two. You can understand something intellectually, but it is only when you know your material do you own it. For example I understand how a car works, but I wouldn’t be able to build a kit car.

The first step to knowing and owning any material is to first learn it, and then apply it.

There are various strategies to accelerating your learning development. These are the 6 principles that we employ.

1. All Millionaire Experts are constant students

To be blunt, we have to be. It is our responsibility to our market and clients that we are at the forefront of knowledge of what others are communicating about. And the best thing is, by choosing a subject that you are passionate about it is a joyful experience. If you dislike learning, if you dislike constantly trying to develop then the Millionaire Expert industry probably isn’t for you.

2. They read the latest literature

Many experts slow their journey to millionaire expert (if they ever get there at all) because they limit their reading to one source. I recall in my MBA class when one of the lecturers on Advanced Business Strategy had begrudgingly admitted to reading a “airport lounge” management book and loving it. This moment of revelation to him opened him up to what other gems there may be on other book shelves. If you are academic, read “popular” management books, if you are a “no-nonsense local consultant” expand your knowledge through the academic papers that are produced. Subscribe to different blogs, read articles, notice what trends are happening in your industry, notice what the arguments are in your subject.

3. They attend the latest courses

Reading will get you so far in understanding the material presented in literature. However, it is your investment in a course that really accelerates your knowledge and skill levels. Humans have developed to remember situations, emotions and experiences. The courses that you attend and work on will engage you and allow you to immerse yourself into mastering a subject. It also provides an excellent opportunity to share ideas in a social learning environment with like-minded people. The connections that you make can often be worth the price of the course.

4. They invest in their own personal development

A Millionaire Expert always recognises the importance of their own personal development. We understand the significance that our own psychology has on success, both for our clients and ourselves. Imagine that you knew what you “had” to do to make your business successful but were struggling to overcome your story that you had developed about why you could never be that successful. As a result your success will always be limited by the belief that you have in yourself and abilities. Through investing in your own personal development you are able to smash through your limiting beliefs that have been holding your success back.

5. They invest in coaching

Every Millionaire Expert I have ever met and worked with knows the power of a coach. There are many articles every month in magazines that feature interviews with people at the top of their industries. One of the most common similarities is that they all have a coach. Look at the top athletes in the world. The Olympics is now so competitive that there are teams of coaches working with the best athletes in the world to give them the edge.

Everyone remembers who won the 100m final. Rarely do you remember who came 2nd. Let alone 3rd.

6. They are hungry to learn

As part of the Millionaire Expert elite I love meeting up with other like minded experts. We are all hungry to learn more. To understand what the other knows. To absorb it like a sponge. Do you remember how it felt when you first learnt something and were completely engrossed with it. You were like a child trying to understand everything about it. It is a fantastic feeling and the best part is, is that adds to your expert business.

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How To Give A TED Talk

How To Give A Ted Talk:

TED Talks - Ross Kingsland - Millionaire Expert

The first question to ask yourself is this: What is your perspective?

At a TED Talks the Millionaire Expert is paid for their perspective. We can command the high fees because we have a perspective. The TED talks have been a brilliant example of where this happens regularly – although very few TED speakers are Millionaire Experts, but they could be.

It is new perspectives that drive changes in lives and open our eyes to things that we never knew possible. A new perspective can be divisive or inclusive. It can repel and bring people together.

It is the lifeblood of the Millionaire Expert. It is what sets us apart from experts in their field and, when positioned and marketed correctly, can deliver the lifestyle that most desire.

People want your considered, perceptive perspective

Your market, right now, wants your perspective but how you deliver that perspective can be the difference between a Millionaire Expert and a struggling expert in their field.

Let me be clear, in the Millionaire Expert space your perspective needs to be considered and perceptive. There are many experts who struggle to increase their position away from expert towards Millionaire Expert because of this.

There will always be those who take a different perspective from your own. However, if you are unable to convey exactly what has led you to that perspective it is nothing more than an opinion.

What do you mean?

As soon as you give someone your perspective on something they will try to understand what you are saying and, more rarely, why you are saying it. If your perspective is new or original you must help guide the audience in how you arrived at your perspective.

Remember, they want to you to help them discover it for themselves.

Convince me

Once your market have gained an understanding of your perspective, usually at a high level, in many cases they will want you to reinforce your point. How you convince someone is based upon the psychology of their convincing strategy.

While this is a book in itself, my summary is that you find out how they are convinced of something already and model that strategy.

Some people will be convinced by your perspective. Others will never be.

This might sound a little defeatist; however, the reality of a situation can often be more liberating. The only factor missing is that of time. Over a long enough period anyone can be convinced of anything. If you are unsure look at your own history. Every single experience that you have had has led you to develop your own set of beliefs.

Stand for something

Through communicating your perspective you do two things. You immediately put a line in the sand and say that you stand for something and you stand against something.

You are introducing your market to what you stand for or against or you are reinforcing your existing position. With famous pundits on TV you almost know that if there is a story about XXX on the news that they will interview YYYY.

This is because their perspectives are well known. The television companies know what they stand for and what they stand against.

Your market and audience want to know what you think

As a result your market and clients want to know what you think on issues that affect the Millionaire Expert space that you are the authority in.

This does several things for you and your market. It helps them to feel closer to you, the Millionaire Expert, during these issues. It also lets your perspectives to be adopted by them.

How often have we all found ourselves quoting what a Millionaire Expert has said? I know that I have. When I first got into the Millionaire Expert space I found myself quoting what I had heard from others.

Your market will use your perspectives in one of two ways – they will quote you directly or pass off your perspective as their own. I should stress that the latter way may be intentional or unintentional.

Regardless, your perspective will be adopted by your clients and market, you can use this opportunity to craft something that will increase your influence and market reach or allow it to be used in a non-profitable way for you.

Don’t rant – no one cares.

There is probably no quicker way to alienate a market or your clients than with a rant. Your perspective is very important to establishing your character standpoint and story as we have already discussed, however, should your perspective turn into a rant very few will stick with you, in the short or long run.

One of the biggest problems with ranting is that it is highly emotional and negative. Usually our best work is not produced when these two forces combine.

The rant is what poor corporates put in emails to each other about their bosses, customers and colleagues. Have you ever received an email from someone who ranted about something? It quickly becomes tiresome.

A rant is not to be confused with a strong case that is put forward based upon reasoned thinking and perception. I have seen some Millionaire Experts giving brilliant impassioned speeches about a subject that is highly emotive. The skill is that this communication has been carefully developed with a specific outcome in mind. It is not to simply a tirade to make themselves feel better.

Have a point that people can rally behind.

This might sound obvious. But it is too important for me to leave out and assume that everyone reading this book is aware of this.

Have you ever had someone telling you a story which goes on, and on, and on? You are engaged with them. You are listening intently. Your expectation is that there will be a punch line or a nugget of information at the end. Then without you realising it their story has fizzled out. You politely laugh and change the subject while thinking to yourself “that’s 10 minutes I’ll never see again”.

With any perspective that you are communicating, deliver it in such a way that the recipient will appreciate the payoff of exchanging their time for you.

Build and reinforce on your Millionaire Expert position

Crafting how you deliver your perspective is an art in itself. For this section consider that your perspective must continually add value to the market place and reinforce your position as the Millionaire Expert in that field.

There are several ways in which it is possible to do this.

  1. Preframe your message with your position. In simple terms this means to introduce yourself in no more than a sentence before starting your message. This works very effectively in video, audio and longer written pieces.
  2. Inframe your message. This technique is very common in conferences and seminars and usually occurs after the attention of the audience is captured by the Millionaire Expert.
  3. Postframe your message. Think of this as the sign off that a newsreader may give at the end of a news story. This is highly effective at the end of shorter pieces of information and material.

Select several Millionaire Experts and watch how they use these three frames for their positioning. I recommend that you experiment with different strategies to find what works best for you. A quick way that you can experiment to see what if most effective for you is to trial a number of YouTube videos and use their analytics feature to understand when viewers skip forward or worse, switch off.

The 5 Biggest Myths of the Successful Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Ross Kingsland

As the rise of entrepreneurs continues in our communities today there have been a lot of myths and untruths that have developed. Many of these have been “discovered” through academic and government research, although asking civil servants and academics for their insight into entrepreneurship is a little like asking the beer-belly football supporter how he would score a goal during the World Cup Final.

Myth number 1: Successful Entrepreneurs are self-starting loners

Successful Entrepreneurs are very good at the initial idea, the genesis of a business. However, they are also quickly recognise what is within their skill set and what is needed to get a business moving. They understand that speed to market, especially in the digital age, is critical so they build networks, form virtual teams, outsource tasks, project manage and use a coach to keep them focused.

While the idea remains theirs they can only grow the company to a point. Those entrepreneurs who are most adapt at growing companies in the fastest possible time assemble teams who are committed to the tasks the entrepreneur sets.

Amid this, the entrepreneur can be easily distracted, easily lose sight of the big picture. At which point all successful entrepreneurs have sought a coach. This is to help keep them focused on what they are doing and what needs to happen next.

Myth number 2: Successful Entrepreneurs are academically brilliant

Ken Robinson’s brilliant TED talk “Changing Education Paradigms” is now a recognised internationally as a bucket of cold water to our hungover education system. The education system was designed for the industrial age – not the digital one.

In fact recent research from Illinois showed that 44% of high tech entrepreneurs have a bachelor’s degree, 30% have a masters and 4% have an MD, only 10% had a PHD.

What successful entrepreneurs are exceptional at is investment in their continued learning. We recognise that to stay current and competitive the entrepreneur must invest in themselves first to gain and acquire knowledge.

Myth number 3: Successful Entrepreneurs have innovative and novel ideas

There are over 7 billion people in the world today, right this second. Which from a statistical view means that there is no such thing as an original thought. Everything you have ever thought of has already been thought and done.

So what are successful entrepreneurs good at? Action.

They seize the opportunity and follow through to completion against the odds, against the competition, against the disbelief and negativity of others.

The Wright Brothers soared into the history books with the first powered flight over a set distance. However, they were not the only people trying to achieve this feat at that time. Amongst others was Samuel Langley, a famous astronomer and scientist who had full time staff at his disposal and a $50,000 government grant from the US War Department. He was a Harvard professor and former Mathematics professor at the Naval Academy. His influential friends included Andrew Carnegie and Alexander Graham Bell.

And he was beaten by some bicycle shop owners.

Myth number 4: Successful Entrepreneurs are business gurus

Successful Entrepreneurs are outstanding in their own business, and know that market inside and out and are able to anticipate their needs and wants.

When I met Richard Branson he told me that on his birthday he was in a board meeting and his group of company directors were discussing the figures for the year. There was a lot of discussion about net and gross profit. Richard sat there and asked at the end of it “so are we doing well?”. His senior financial advisor spoke with him afterwards and said “Richard, do you know the difference between net and gross profit?”. “No” he confessed. At which point his financial advisor drew a picture on the wall that showed a school of fish and a big net catching some of them.

It was his 50th birthday.

Myth number 5: Successful Entrepreneurs have all the answers

Successful Entrepreneurs learn many things along their journey from just “entrepreneur” to “successful entrepreneur”. One of the biggest lessons that they all confess to is truly understanding themselves. What they are good at, what they are bad at, where they need support and where they excel.

Most have built their businesses around their strengths whist acquiring people to supporting them through their weaknesses. Speak with any truly successful entrepreneur and they are hungry to hear what you have to say, they want to know your thoughts, they want to see how you can help them. Because they know that their success can just as easily slip away due to arrogance and hubris.

A successful entrepreneur is always a student, and always applying their new learnings.

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