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Guest Blog: A Framework To Create A Digital Marketing Team

Digital Marketing Team - Ross Kingsland

Guest blogger, Simon Swan, provides a framework that you can follow to create your own Digital Marketing Team. Simon Swan is a digital marketer who has worked with start ups and large government organisations to develop and instagate strategic digital marketing strategies.  Simon has a wealth of experience and hands on knowledge that has seen him become a trusted advisor in his field. I hope you enjoy it.



A Framework To Create A Digital Marketing Team

The rise in digital marketing has created a wealth of opportunities and at the same time, removed barriers to entry to a number of sectors where a start-up, sole trader or large corporation is now competing with one another globally.

So what does this all mean?

For marketers and businesses alike, the rise in digital marketing is changing the business landscape, this means embracing new business models, test the status quo, question the Hippos (Highest Paid Persons Opinion) in your organisation, understanding new marketing tactics and changing yours and the  business mind-set (e.g. not being afraid to trial out and fail on new strategies to connect to your customer, or prospect or community) and more importantly harnessing the right frame of mind to embrace this new world of digital.

But changing your mindset and embracing new strategies is easier said than done and therein lies the problem…

Lack of relevant digital qualifications

There is a distinct lack of digital marketing “qualifications” to support the growth within universities, colleges and schools, all not offering academic options that are aligned to digital for students wanting to specialise in digital communications and marketing (e.g. social media, affiliate marketing, search engine optimisation).

Go and visit a number of organisations and they will claim they “do” digital – unfortunately
that means it’s a dept siloed off in a corner of the organisation, with a small select team to get on with the job. So how can more companies embrace digital? Well below is a handy framework that can be used to understand whether you’re recruiting the right type of skills

Introducing a Digital Marketing Framework

This was taken from a book called Inbound Marketing by Halligan & Shah, and is called theDARC framework.

  • D – Hire Digital Citizens – An understanding of the online environment and can display a working knowledge. It is important your team and individuals understand digital tactics and can display examples. This doesn’t mean having a Facebook account and tweeting random comments but they’re are using digital to support their own interests and hobbies e.g. can demonstrate they have their own blog, they have edited, created and posted videos on YouTube.
  • A – Hire for Analytics – Understanding of digital trends and have a curious and analytical approach to what impacts product sales or why there has been an increase in traffic levels to a specific web page. They should also have a good understanding of spread-sheets and be able to interpret trends.
  • R – Hire for Web Reach – They can display examples of how passionate they are on a subject area through promoting online, perhaps their hobby or interest through a blog, social media and can display examples of how they have increased traffic to their website or blog using  SEO or paid search or retail products through affiliate marketing
  • C – Hire Content Creators – The importance of good content on a website can be a key USP over your competition so look to hire someone with good writing skills and more importantly can write for the web to engage with users. The internet has removed the barriers to creating content, anyone can now create content and publish it to the world. The skill is not necessarily writing content but how your content can stand out from the crowd, what USP can you offer that no one else can and more importantly can you create your own niche?