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What Is The First Word You Think Of When I Say “Sales Person”?

“Greasy”, “deceptive”, “liar”, “slimy”, “manipulative”, “sleazy” one person shouted out “great guy”

So I asked “how many of you in this room are sales people, raise your hands?”

About 50% of the room raised their hands.

However, not all of them were aware that they were sales people.

“If you’re an owner of a business you had better be raising your hand” a further 30% raised their hand, and my last question had 99% with their hands in the air….

“If you are a parent you had better be raising your hand”

And I used the example because are kids great sales people. You don’t have to teach them with how to deal with rejection, they let it pass on by and keep coming. “You can’t have an ice cream” 10 minutes later they’re licking a cornetto with a smile on their face. No one taught them any scripts, nothing

What I want you to understand is that the single most important skill in life come down to one thing. We hate the word selling and all the negative conetations that come with that, but it’s the word that all leaders have.

So I’ll give you the word that it really is – influence.

What changes companies? Leaders. The only way to change a company is leadership.

Leaders solve problems and maximise resources.

If you could solve the problems then it would already be solved. You have to get others to help you do it, and that requires influence. If you can get people to maximise thier resources that requires influence.

If you’re going to get people to partner with you, provide resources or capital you need influence, develop supplier relationships. If you’re going to have an impact on your kids, on your community on the world then it requires influence

And yet most of us think of it as selling as so we don’t master it

If you can’t influence, you can’t lead

But if you can influence powerfully, intelligently and with integrity there is no limit to what you can envision and make real.

And if your influence becomes more than you just you and you are able to influence systems, people, companies, cultures,

If you can turn other people into influencers, now what ever you envision about can be made into reality.

So the question becomes, how do you influence? And how effective is your current strategy?


How Do You Develop A Relationship With Clients On Email?


When I ask business leaders, CEOs and Managing Directors where does most of their business come from the reply, 99% of the time, is the same.

From our existing customer base.

Yet very few businesses have a strategy on how to continutally engage, upsell, cross sell or sell more to our existing customers. Instead 80% of budgets and usually more, will be spent on attracting new customers.

So let’s turn that on it’s head.

How do we leverage our customer base so it is generating revenue at an optimal level.

The psychology behind increasing sales from within our existing customer base is that they have already bought from you, or at the very least are on your mailing list. You have a dialogue, and from that you can start to build trust.

You will, of course be segmenting your lists of customers to establish at what stage of the customer cycle they are at and how you want to move them along.

No? Well let’s leave that for another day. In the meantime let’s focus on developing a relationship with a client.

Newsletters are dead

Just because it is news to you doesnt mean that anyone else cares. In the 3 second world we live in today, unless your communication instantly speaks to your client they will ignore – or worse – unsubscribe.

The Trust Bank Balance

Trust in you is very low. First you need to start increasing that trust through thought through, deliberate trust building communication. As you repeat this their level of trust in you will slowly increase. Then when you are at a stage where they trust in your AND see the results then ask them for the money.

If you do it before this you are likely to wind up the same as every other company out there – shouting at the customer to try and get them to part with their hard earned money.

There are several ways to do this which I will share with you in a later blog.

The Master Key To Succesful Sales

I learnt this master key when I first started out in sales as a store assistant at my local Clarks shoe shop.

I was about 15 and had started in the Men’s section. I had no idea what I was doing. Sales training for Saturday staff didn’t exist back then and my results spoke for themselves.

It got so bad that I was called into the managers office one day and told that if my sales didn’t pick up soon he was going to have to let me go. This was a kick in the guts and I was determined to be the best sales person they had ever had.

So I went back on to the shop floor and was even more enthusiastic, even more helpful, even more “salesy” – and my sales dropped even further.

I was devastated. My dad picked me up one day from work and we got chatting about my ineptitude at sales.

“Son, you have to realise one thing. If a customer loves their shoes why would they want to buy a new pair?”

And that was one of those light bulb moments that we’ve all had. There was nothing “wrong” with their shoes, so why did they need a new pair?

I went back to work the following weekend and worked this into my sales patter – “Sure is hot out there today, you must be hot in those shoes?”, “You’ve got a job interview on Monday? First thing an interviewer looks at is the quality of your shoes”, “I turned my ankle on a trek because I didn’t have the right walking boots, has that ever happened to you?” (obviously these are examples thrown in during the conversations).

And that day I was second in the store for total sales. The following week I lead the store in sales. And from that day on I was the leading sales person in the store for 4 years. All thanks to that one piece of advice.

An undisturbed prospect will not buy.

I will caveat this master key with one thing – you cannot overtly “disturb” them through any form of emotional statements. If you do this and they pick up on it they will very quickly turn on you and you will lose the sale. Instead help them to uncover that they have this pain and that only your product or service can bring them relief.

Check out my other blog post “the New ABC of Selling” that has a little more about questioning techniques.